Lizzie Glaister

Year 2 Student

The reason why I chose to study at UCA, was because of the fantastic facilities that the university had to offer me, the course's location of being at the Maidstone Television Studios (giving you a real insight into what actually goes on behind the scenes) and the tutors, who not only know and understand their subjects, but have a real passion and love for media, which in turn, fuels and inspires your love for it as well. In regards to the equipment that we use as part of our course, we're trained to use the Sony HD Cams, the latest in editing software (Which for us is the Final Cut Pro series), studio equipment and plenty more.

Going to UCA was one of the best decision that I've ever made, and would highly recommend this course and the University to anyone who was interested in going. They have continuously helped and encouraged me throughout my education, and absolutely love studying here.