Poppy selected for National Student Film Festival

Poppy, by recent graduates Lauren Howard and Lauren Woodfall, has been selected to screen at the prestigous National Student Film Festival in London. A short experimental film, Poppy explores the intimacy of a young couple, caught in the grasp of an insatiable love for one another and their own intoxicating drug.
"We had a lecture on music videos, which led me onto one by Sigur Ros, Viðrar vel til loftárása, which is a really powerful video," said Lauren W, 22, from Kent, "This led me onto the idea of a story without spoken words, like a music video,"
"I showed Lauren [Howard] the video and this inspired her to write the script for Poppy using her own inspiration from films such as Requiem for a Dream."
Poppy was studio shot, using set walls and props borrowed from the BA (Hons) Creative Arts for Theatre and Film course at UCA Rochester, although the biggest challenge early in the production was finding the right cast, says Lauren.
"Initially we were looking for dancers and we even advertised but with no luck. However, Lauren worked really well on finding the right cast and she found James [Heatlie] and Katherine [Bond] on casting call websites."
Simon Welsford, Course Leader for BA (Hons) TV Production, expressed delight at the achievements of his former students.
"To be selected for such a prestigious festival is fantastic achievement for Lauren and Lauren, especially as this is the first festival they, and the course, has entered a film in to," he said. "Screening in the experimental section in the festival also highlights the diverse nature of the work that students can produce on Television Production, and is evidence that both Lauren Howard and Lauren Woodfall are destined for very successful careers.
"I'm looking forward to watching Poppy on the big screen and celebrating their achievement - which comes on top of their first class honours degrees."