Graduate in Prime Position

BA Television Production recent graduate Zohaib Ali has had a fantastic few months in his first job in the production industry. Zohaib landed an entry level position at Prime Focus Post Production in London's Soho only a few short weeks after graduating with an honours degree. Prime are at the forefront of post production services not just in the UK, but worldwide, so a great company to get in the door. Zohaib says, "After running for about a month or two at Prime i was promoted to deputy head, which basically means I'm heading the team of runners and running affairs. Also it increases my chances of progression into production at Prime." This hard working and go to attitude brough him to the attention of the editor of a documentary that came into Prime for post production. Zohaib picks up the story..."Soon enough the editor realised that having the advantage of me speaking the languages in the doc he asked me if i would become his assistant! It was probably the best day of working there.
Since then i signed a contract with them as Edit Assistant and have been working after hours of Prime transcribing and Assisting in the cutting room. Every week there is a massive development with the Doc." So Zohaib has gone from runner to edit assistant in a few months, something that his hard work and dedication on the course enabled him to do, as he says, "So things have been really good and always getting better, no thanks to you and all those at uni that pushed me throughout my time at UCA". The future is certainly bright for Zohaib and we wish him continued sucess.