A day in the life of a game show stand-in

Wesley Denne, a first year student from University for the Creative Arts (UCA) was recently given the opportunity to take on Mr Chips as a stand-in on the popular ITV game-show Catchphrase, which has returned to Maidstone Studios following an 18 year absence.
But what is a Stand In? And how did Wesley fair when the lights were blaring and the pressure was on?
"At the studios there are constantly shows being recorded and we are given the opportunity to sometimes work on the shows," said Wesley, 18, who studies BA (Hons) TV Production at Maidstone Studios.
"I received an email from our course's Work Placement Coordinator Laura Taylor, who needed three 'Stand Ins' to help out on the set of Catchphrase the next day. Laura works fairly on a first come first serve basis, so whoever replied first would be chosen - this was me and two of my peers.

"A 'Stand In' has a very simple but important role to play. They stand on set where real contestants would stand in order for the director and camera crew to place the cameras in the correct position for the programme. I also got to play the game to make sure the technical parts of the show such as lighting and sound worked correctly. At home when I watch Catchphrase I constantly shout at the TV with my answer but when playing in person on set it isn't as easy as it looks and I'm ashamed to say I was terrible at playing the game!
"Being in that environment gave me such an insight into how much goes into what I thought was such a simple show. Whilst on set the floor manager allowed us to ask questions about how the show is set up, how long does it take to film and so on.
"We also learnt that Catchphrase is the second biggest show aired on ITV, with Saturday Night Takeaway being the biggest. The director, producer and crew members were very welcoming and made it an incredibly enjoyable day. It is opportunities like these that help develop a career in this type of industry."