3rd Year Student Johanna Coulson and Hazlit Youth Theatre Explore Warpaint

For her final major project, Johanna Coulson, focused on screenwriting and set about writing an original feature length screenplay. Some 7 drafts and 12 weeks later, 100 pages of complex and original writing formed into the story “Warpaint”. This unique teen drama explores the underground world of graffiti art and the star crossed lives of an eclectic group of damaged teenagers.

In the final stage of development, Johanna contacted the Hazlit Youth Theatre and organized a full-length script read through of Warpaint. This industry standard practice is a great way to bring a script to life without actually filming. A whole cast of eager young actors descended on Maidstone Studios for what was a fantastic experience for all involved. The event proved once again at the very professional and detailed work our students go through with their projects.